The Most Popular Strategy Board Games

Ever antiquity mankind has entertained him self with strategy board games. The phenomenon continues even today, despite the popularity of video games. Why? Well, strategy board games challenge the mind while giving people a chance to relax with one another. And, they offer a classic form of entertainment that’s not dependent on batteries or electricity.

So, what are the most popular strategy board games on the market? Well, technically there are hundreds, but when it comes to worldwide popularity, there are seven strategy board games that are at the top of the list. They include: Chess, Cribbage, Mahjong, Go Game, Sudoku, Backgammon, and Checkers.

1. Chess

Chess is one of the world’s most popular strategy board games. Originating in ancient India and Persia, the game has emerged in many forms. The most common form is known as Western chess. This is where two opponents must capture each other’s kings. This is done through chess pieces that have different levels of power, (kings, queens, rooks, etc.). Strategy must be used to determine how a particular piece can result in a checkmate.

2. Cribbage

When it comes to strategy board games, cribbage is one of the most unusual. While a ‘board’ is used during the game, cribbage is played with cards. The board is used to help keep score. Either way, cribbage is a great alternative for people who want to play a card game that relies more on thinking than luck.

3. Mahjong

Unlike other strategy board games, mahjong was actually created based on spiritual and philosophical principles. So, if Eastern philosophies are your thing, you could be helping both your soul and you mind after a game of mahjong.

4. Go Game

Go Game is another strategy board game created from Asia. It works like chess, as players must dominate their opponent’s spaces on the board. However, the pieces are much simpler, as they consist of black and white stones.

5. Sudoku

Sudoku is a strategy board game where you must fill in a grid with numbers 1 through 9. However, the catch is you must use the numbers once for each section. It is this characteristic of Sudoku that makes it one of the most sought after strategy board games of all time.

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Make Math Fun at Home – When to Play Math Games With Your Children

Parents absolutely can grab the opportunity to play math games with their children when everyone is at home, and they should not avoid it!. Popular board games and card games are easily adapted for use with those fact flash cards cards. Unique and interesting printable games for kids loaded and saved on your computer allow for a never ending supply of educational entertainment so parents can make math fun at home.

Here are some suggestions of good times parent can play math games with their children:

On a no homework night. It is simple to pull out a game, and have some fun while reviewing facts. Use the flash cards the children bring home with the spinner or dice. Whatever number rolled is the number of flash cards the do. Some printable games for kids can be adapted so multiple skill levels are played at one time.

When your child is home sick- Parents are always worried about missing work when their child is sick, but the child is too sick to work! Often a sick child has trouble concentrating on make up assignments, particularly if they missed the explanations in class. Playing a fun game, that uses their math skills, but is not too taxing will give them time to think about math without the pressure.

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon- This is a great low key kind of time to sit and play a fun games with children. Using some creative printable games for kid at this time will get extra practice

Snow Days! That one is self explanatory! Particularly when it is the second or third day at home! Do not forget about Hurricane Days, Flood Days, and No Electricity Days

School Vacations- This does not mean a vacation where the family is away on a trip, but a vacation from school that lasts a number of days or weeks. Having a supply of printable games for kids to make math fun while away from school will solve those, “I don’t have anything to do!” moments. Playing these games will keep their skills current and help prevent the frustrating vacation memory loss that teachers always notice.

Using these different opportunities to play math games with children at home will help make math fun for all. So it becomes important to search for a high quality resource, written by a teacher and actually used in classrooms. Then they can be downloaded to your home computer and parents will have a supply of printable games for kids as well as and other activities that will be ready to use for years with children of all ages.

It is absolutely possible for a teacher to make the material and activities they use challenging and still have fun in their classroom. Keeping the students interested, active and engaged makes the biggest difference in their overall learning experience.

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